ArcGIS and Advanced Spatial Modeling

The 5-day course ArcGIS for Miners and Mineral Explorationists will equip you with workflows and knowledge that are crucial in gathering and analysing the data required to aid efficient exploration targeting and resource development programmes. World-class geoscientific data from Finland will be utilised in conjunction with your own data to explain international best practice methods and requirements of data acquisition, manipulation, cartography & visualisation, advanced spatial interpretation and mineral potential mapping using basic and advanced ArcGIS packages.
The course builds upon the in-depth experience of passionate industry exploration geologists and GIS technology developers. Many years of boots-on-the-ground experience resulted in drawing together and making accessible the most relevant workflows used in the mining and exploration sector.

  schedule on request, 5 days in Augsburg
  from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
  limited to 8 participants
 Which target audience is the workshop designed for?

GIS personnel working in Spatial Analytics 
Land Surveyors and Project Manager
Academics and Graduates in Geoscience
Exploration and Mining Geoscientists
Geological Survey Geologists
   3.750,– € (incl. lunch and beverages) plus 19 % VAT.

The course covers the following topics                            Download Flyer (PDF)

GIS in the mining and exploration sector
Datasets and Formats used in Mining and Mineral Exploration
Coordinate Systems and Georeferencing
Geodatabases: Principles and Management
Creating and Editing Data
Geoprocessing Tools: clipping, appending or merging
Symbology and Visualisation
Qualitative an Quantitative Symbology
Cartographiy: working with map layouts
Spatial Data Analysis and Interpretation
Interpolation and Contouring
Interpolation methods: IDW and Kriging
Arc Model Builder
Model builder functionality and workflows
Mineral Potential Mapping (MPM)
Weighted Raster Suitability Analysis (WRS)
ArcGIS Online and Apps
Client Data Examination
Operation of GNSS-Systems



Benedikt Steiner
XPLORE Global Ltd.
Benedikt Steiner

MSci | ARSM | CGeol | Director
Providence House, Providence Place, Maidenhead SL6 8BF, UK

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